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Exercise For Over 50 - 10 Weight Loss Exercises For Women Over 50

It is not a big deal that women can be much healthier and active than younger people at the age of 50. You need not to follow a strict exercise schedule and go for heavy dieting. All you need to do is devote 15-30 minutes everyday on yourself and you will see the difference in sometime.

Exercise For Over 50

Here are 10 Weight Loss Exercises for Women over 50:

1. Walking - Walking is considered to be one of the most effective exercises for weight loss. 30 minutes walk every morning can really help you come back to shape.

2. Jogging - It helps you burn those extra calories that you take in everyday in form of food. Initially you may find it difficult and may have to face pain in your thighs, but remember one thing; if there is no pain - there will be no gain.

3. Yoga - Famous all over the world, yoga has helped millions of people to come back to their original sizes. The simplest type among all other exercises for woman over 50, can be done at home sitting on your bed.

4. Aerobic Exercises - Doing aerobics for 30 minutes thrice a week increases you heart rate and breathing rate. You can have a session of 10 minutes 3 times at a time.

5. Flexibility Exercises - Stretching slowly and breathing in deeply is a very good workout for women over 50 to loose weight.

6. Running- It is a very good weight loss therapy and it burns a lot of calories.

7. Light Household Work- Dusting, cleaning etc is another great form of exercise for women over 50.

8. Climbing Stairs- It builds up stamina and is also very convenient.

9. Stretching Exercise -Arm stretching and back stretching helps in burning fat.

10. Join a Gym - Get help of the trainer in Gym to loose weight. Your trainer will help you exercise to loose weight and get into shape.

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