Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Top Five Lazy Ways To Lose Weight That Really Work

For the majority of people out there that want to lose weight but have a hard time finding the time to exercise, there are simple strategies that you can use to lose weight.

Lazy Ways To Lose Weight

While some people may call these strategies lazy, they really are smart. Because you will be taking advantage of the activities that you are already doing during your day and tweaking them to boost your metabolizm and lose weight.

#1 - Tweaking Your Diet

A very easy way to lose weight is to simply alter your diet. You don't have to give up every food that you enjoy. But think about a few empty calories that you consume every day or every week. You can simply eliminate these foods or drinks from your diet. Not only will you feel better but you will be consuming less calories which in turn will help you lose weight. Examples include: soda, fried foods, oversized portions (typical of most restaurants), whole milk products.

Some suggested strategies:

- use cooking spray

- if eating at a restaurant only eat half of the food on your plate save the rest for lunch the next day (also saves money so you don't have to buy lunch)

- drink a glass of water before you eat and you will feel fuller faster

#2 - Eating 5-6 Smaller Meals A Day Works Period

Most of us were taught to eat 3 meals a day i.e. breakfast,lunch and dinner. Many people try saving extra calories by not eating breakfast. Unfortunately, this strategy does not have good results because if you skip breakfast you will be starving by lunch time.

You will most likely have that desperate starving feeling by mid morning so you may be more up to grab an unhealthy snack from that box of donuts that your co-worker brought in that morning.

In the same token, if you are able to hold out until lunch time, you will be more likely to eat a bigger portion of food or fattening foods because your body feels so hungry. So plan ahead and start out with a good breakfast that includes whole grains and protein. Then bring in a few healthy snacks and a light lunch that also includes a protein. If you try this out for a week you will be surprised at how you won't have that starving feeling anymore and actually feel full.

#3 - Fiber - The Magic Food Ingredient

This is very simple. A high fiber diet includes a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. So choosing fruits, vegetables and whole grain snacks will be easy to fill up those 5-6 meals that you are going to be eating. Keep the amount of processed foods that you are eating to a minimum.

#4 - Weigh In

Research has shown that people that weigh themselves regularly are more likely to maintain their weight. The reason for this are that you will be aware that your weight is increasing by a pound or two and it will be easy to cut back on calories to maintain your weight. And just to point out that daily weighing is not the cause of eating disorders. So don't worry about stepping on the scale. You will thank yourself in the long run.

#5 - Maximize The Activites You Already Do

One great way to take your mind off of exercise is to add music. You will be surprised that if you turn on your favorite toons on the radio or using your Ipod while cleaning or doing chores you will enjoy the activity longer and actually will turn it into a workout. We all know the popularity of Zumba. Most of that comes from our love to dance and hear music. Music definitely gets that body moving.

Another strategy is to watch your favorite TV show and jump on the treadmill or other exercise machine. You will be so engrossed in your show that you will hardly notice that you fit in a 30 minute workout.

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